6 Best Home Design Apps Any Homeowner Can Use

6 Best Home Design Apps Any Homeowner Can Use

A new home is a beautiful canvas for expressing your personal design aesthetic. Whether you want a traditional design style to complement your colonial home, a minimalist flair that accentuates a home's contemporary architecture, or a beautiful bohemian palette to bring all the custom fixtures together, the Atlanta luxury real estate market around the neighborhood of Buckhead offers everything you need. Find gorgeous homes, each one full of natural lighting and picture-perfect spaces, as well as boutique furniture and home decor stores with everything you could want for each corner of your home. If you love planning home designs just as much as enjoying the finished space, today's virtual home design apps and tools can help you explore different options, map out your floor plan in complete detail, and plan out every new element. Consider these six popular home design apps to find your favorite.

1. Homestyler

When you're just starting to explore different interior design strategies and aesthetics, it can be fun to experiment with a free app. Homestyler is completely free and offers a wide range of options in its free settings without limiting functionality. Users love it, giving it a 4.5 rating. You can do things like:

  • Build custom floor plans with accurate dimensions.
  • Drag and drop static fixtures into place so you can work them into your decor plan.
  • Add remodeling elements like cabinetry, new appliances, tile, wallpaper or paint colors, and flooring.
  • Try out different furnishings, tapestry, and decor.
Once you've created the perfect design, you can print it or transfer the file to AutoCAD software.

2. Houzz

You may recognize Houzz as a website where you can find service professionals like carpenters, painters, and plumbers, but the company also provides helpful guides about design trends, home decor how-tos, and other educational content. They took their services a step further by creating an interactive app that serves as a hub for both designing your home's spaces and getting the work done.
In this app, you can:

  • Browse through product images, home layouts, and other photos for inspiration.
  • Digitally combine and place different furnishings and decor elements in a virtual representation of your home.
  • Shop for products.
  • Find highly rated professionals who can create features you add to your remodeling project, such as custom millwork, accent walls, and new flooring.
The Houzz app is a useful tool for managing remodeling projects and shopping, so you can use it with other design apps for the complete remodeling experience.

3. Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a popular app for designing homes and rooms in two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. The platform itself is free, and designers can use it on both a desktop and a mobile phone. There's a diverse array of furnishings, materials, decor, and layout options. Users can build every room with fully customized dimensions to capture the look and feel of their newly purchased home, a prospective home, or even a home they want to restyle before a sale.

The tools are all drag-and-drop, making it easy to focus on the designs and options rather than figuring out how to navigate the app. If you're looking for inspiration, the app also lets designers share different layouts and creations. You can design your whole home, a specific space like a kitchen or office, and your exterior landscaping or patio.

4. Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo is an enjoyable, intuitive home design app that uses AI to transform 2D room sketches or floor plans into fully detailed three-dimensional spaces. This immediately gives every space a photo-like finish so you can instantly feel immersed in the space. Once you've recreated your home, you can:

  • Remake the space with paint, wallpaper, new flooring, and other foundational elements.
  • Drag and drop furnishings and decor into the space.
  • Change the lighting, add small accessories and details, and nudge everything into place.
The app has over 50,000 different models of items you can add to your designs. Artificial intelligence is hard at work behind the scenes to make everything look realistic and detailed — even the shadows and lighting look real. If you want to fully imagine a space down to the last inch, this app may be a perfect fit.

5. Havenly

Havenly is a popular tool for both amateur designers with years of experience and homeowners who are just starting to dabble in home design. Users can start on the free platform to create their home's layouts, experiment with different fixtures and furnishings, and try completely different styles to find the right fit. There are thousands of customizations, object options, and modifiable drag-and-drop elements you can use to create your dream home. People frequently use this tool to develop a consistent design style throughout their homes, find new accents or furnishings to build on an existing look, or completely remodel their main living areas.

If you're looking for the perfect layout that's been designed by industry professionals, Havenly can help with that, too. On top of their free, fully functional app, they offer designer services. You can be matched with a designer who will create individual or whole-home redesigns. You'll be given detailed 3D renderings and expert assistance every step of the way, including a shopping list of everything the designer used.

6. Room Planner

Even if you love your home's current layout, paint, and flooring, there's still a lot of fun you can have redesigning the furnishings and accents. Start exploring all the different furnishing options at your disposal through the online megastore Wayfair by trying out Room Planner. This app plugs directly into the store's marketplace, so you can hand-pick every sofa, chair, lamp, and bookend. If you love browsing the hottest trends online or looking at new seasonal releases, Room Planner makes it even more fun because you can start imagining your favorite finds in your home. The app is also easy to use, making online shopping that much more entertaining.

Find a new home that will be the perfect palette for your design aesthetic

Redesigning your home with new finishes and furnishings can transform the look and feel of the entire place. These tools can help you find new items for every inch of your home, whether you plan on new furniture for your new home or you want to remodel part of your current home. If you're looking for homes that are a perfect fit for your design aesthetic, the Boulevard Team is here to help. We can curate a list of available properties that fit everything on your must-have list and wishlist, and we'll schedule private showings so you can tour each home and imagine yourself living in the space. Reach out to one of our Atlanta real estate experts today and schedule a consultation to start finding — and furnishing — your Atlanta dream home.

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