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Jennifer B.

I fell deeply in love with BOULEVARD Homes, captivated not only by their luxurious properties but also by the core values they hold dear. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity resonated with me on a profound level. The white glove service they provide, leaving no detail overlooked, showcased their dedication to delivering nothing short of perfection. So enamored was I, that I decided to embark on a new journey by joining their esteemed brokerage. Now, proudly serving clients in the Metro Atlanta Area, I am dedicated to upholding BOULEVARD Homes' legacy and assisting individuals in fulfilling their real estate dreams with the same passion that drew me in.

Tommy B.

You have been a great asset to my business. Beginning my transition from working for a builder to general real estate was very tough for myself and my partners. I became very frustrated, wanted to give up, and go back to working for the developer where I wasn't happy. Luckily, I called Ms. Janice’ cell phone to tell her I was done and give up. Within days she met with me to discuss strategy. Ms. Janice helped to change my perspective to focus on my strengths, not my weakness. By taking her advice, I put 3 buyers under contract which helped fuel the remainder of the year. I truly appreciate the guidance and the heart that Ms. Janice displays everyday. She is truly an asset to anyone she comes in contact with.

Hutch M.

It has been a pleasure working with Janice Loose on my business. She has helped me focus on ensuring my core values remain at the center of all I do. Over the course of the month I may start straying from the simple, but not always easy processes I have set up for my business and Janice helps me find my find my way back. She asks the questions and guides the conversation in a free exchange and ultimately leads me to make the right choices for myself in a judgment free environment. I have been selling more homes since I started speaking to Janice on a regular basis. I believe this is because I am clear on my goals, the processes needed and why I want to achieve them!

Linde M.

I had no real understanding of how coaching worked when I first started looking for a coach. I wasn’t even sold on the idea of having a coach. I knew I needed guidance for my growing real estate business and I knew I could no longer go at it alone due to the volume of business. Janice not only advised me on the day to day management, but more importantly, inspired me to think bigger and do bigger - which has been life changing. I would recommend Janice to any real estate agent looking for growth in a manner consistent with what they want from life and work. She'll pave the way.